Case Study

Developing Methods for Identifying Erroneous Active Peaks in Analysis of Verification Samples

Salubrent developed and validated a selective, reproducible, and robust method that eliminated unnecessary investigations and repeated analytical work.

Case Study

ELISA Analysis Protocols for the Screening and Identification of Antibody Binding Sites

Salubrent performed ELISA analysis of three of the client’s antibodies. The data collected was delivered to the client to assist in their screening process and they were able to move their project forward toward a successful completion.

Case Study

Increasing Stability & Reducing Runtimes through Buffering & Temperature Control

Salubrent scientists developed a new assay for API detection to increase stability and decrease sample runtime.


HS/GC-MS: Positioning Salubrent for the Future of Personalized Medicines

Salubrent Pharma Solutions is a CDMO focused on supporting the shift toward biologics and personalized medicines, where small batch fill & finish services combined with continuous feed API processes and just-in-time/direct-to-patient delivery will ensure patients are never without the life-saving therapies they require.